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Sri Lanka’s Foremost Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer

As a leading provider of best-in-class commercial, industrial, residential and architectural aluminium extrusion profiles in Sri Lanka that shape industries around the world, Alumex PLC offers a range of breakthrough innovations through expert capabilities in the world of aluminium manufacturing. Superior product performance has enabled our expansion to international markets.

Why Alumex?

Alumex prides itself in being the most trusted aluminium brand in Sri Lanka. Rooted in over three decades of expertise and undisputed market leadership, our extensive experience and high-quality products will fulfill all of your needs for aluminium extrusions in Sri Lanka.

Our Certifications

Our Warranty

At Alumex, all powder coated and anodized aluminium profiles come with a warranty period of up to 30 years.

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SAT & CUBE vertical compact lines

Alumex stakes claim to patented SAT-CUBE Trevisan technology, the first vertical powder coating facility in South Asia to provide this offering.

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Carefully screened and certified supply chain

At Alumex, we engineer value-added aluminium products using superior quality billets made of virgin metal, which are then processed with all essential pretreatment chemical agents and certified coatings.

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Alumex is committed to meeting all specifications of the Qualicoat, Qualicoat Sea Side and Qualanod quality certification labels, assuring clients of the internationally accredited standard of all aluminium products.

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Alumex is driven by a philosophy of continuous innovation. We constantly strive to deliver new and improved aluminium products by seamlessly integrating inventive technology, expertise, and best practices in order to achieve operational excellence and provide maximum value to our customers.


Following breakthrough after breakthrough in best practices, leading to increased efficiency, sustainability and safety, Alumex is a proud contributor to various innovative projects throughout the island and around the world.

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