Anodizing/Polished Anodizing

Our modern high tech anodizing plant has combined capacity of over 3600 M/T per annum and are capable of coating to a thickness range of 10 to 25 micron. Our Anodizing facility have the following facilities to cater different customer requirements.

Natural Anodized Profiles
An accelerated and controlled protective layer is etched onto the mill finish surface using an electrolysis process. This process creates a uniform satin texture. The clear sealing process adds additional durability to prevent scratch marks. It is extremely durable for exterior applications including sea-side environments, particularly with a ‘high micron’ coating.

Bronze Anodized Products

Has the anodized finish with all the durability and surface characteristics.
Various bronze shades up to black are available depending on customer requirements.

Chemical Polished Products

Profiles are submerged in a special chemical tank and a controlled ‘electrolysis’ process is performed to provide a fine smooth surface, which provides a mirror finish.
The anodizing and polished anodizing processes impart an elegant appearance to the mill finished material in addition to rendering them more durable and corrosion resistant, while easing cleaning and maintenance work.

We have obtained the Qualanod accreditation for our anodizing process to provide the world highest quality anodized products to our customers.