Components Section

Alumex has produced a portfolio of over 480 customer designs, most of which are for different industry requirements. These include ladders, solar roof mounting structures, lorry/ bus bodies, rails, boat/shipbuilding, showcases, handrails, A/C diffusers, heat sinks, clamps and connectors, tower bolts, hinges, round tubes/ bars, equal/unequal angles, channels, square/rectangular tubes, glazing beads, brackets, tiles and carpet edgings, door handles, components for pantry cupboards, and customized designs suited to individual requirements.

Our components section contributes largely towards the growth of Alumex exports, as we cater to some of the most reputed aluminium product and tool brands in the world. Over the years, it is the consistency with which we provide exceptional quality products of international standards that has become the primary factor driving our international customers to commit to long-term partnerships with our brand.