Powder Coating

A polyester powder mixed with colour pigments are ionized through a pressure gun and sprayed onto the chemically pre-treated mill finish profiles, which are earthed and hung on a conveyor. The profiles which pass through the polyester powder ‘cloud’ are then subjected to deposits of powder onto the profile in a controlled manner to give a uniform layer. This profile with the dry powder on its surface is then passed through an oven for curing. The cured coloured powder provides a lush durable texture to the surface. Various types of powder and pigments provide a large range of colour shades and gloss texture to Polyester powder coating, also known as colour coating on aluminum, is a solvent-free, durable, factory-applied coating for aluminum substrates. It is a thermosetting coating where the resin cross links after stored at around 200°C (curing).

South Asia’s first vertical powder coating facility SAT Travisan CUBE Technology was established as ‘Alumex Prime’ Ekala, Ja-Ela, with this expansion our powder coating capacity increased to 1,450 M/T per month. We have obtained the Qualicoat and Qualicoat SEASIDE accreditations for our powder coating to guarantee the customer of our world standard quality. Our newly established Alumex Prime Plant is the largest Aluminium extrusion plant in Sri Lanka and South Asia’s first vertical powder coating facility using ‘SAT Travisan CUBE Technology’. Alumex Prime has the capacity to produce 1,000 MT in Aluminium extrusions and powder coating per month. Powder coating offers protection against adverse outdoor weather conditions. Its mechanical properties can be crafted to meet the varied requirements of customers.

Different powder qualities are available with the following guarantees:
10 Years
15 Years
20 Years
on customer request up to 30 years depending on the customer requirements.