Recycling and Environment

Alumex is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of all its activities such as extrusion and distribution; this involves examining our operations to identify environmental friendly opportunities; minimising adverse consequences of our plants, equipment and processes by assessing implications in the design, purchase and commissioning phases, ensuring prevention measures are taken prior to operation; managing waste materials using the hierarchy of reduce/reuse/recycle, ensuring that any disposal will be to appropriate environmental standards. Alumex is also investigating the potential use of recycled materials into a range of products.

Live Blood of the successful business

Alumex believes that skilled, dedicated and disciplined people are essential to create a successful business.

With this in mind, Alumex constantly invest in development, training and career development for both personal and professional growth.

Alumex promotes a work/life balance with employees and believes that flexibility is key to having happy, healthy and motivated employees.

Health and Safety

At Alumex, we always keep “Safety First” in our mind. This means the safety and well being of ourselves, our colleagues, customers, suppliers and anyone who deals with our business.

Safety Procedures at Alumex:

  • Provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors.
  • Comply with all legislative and statutory requirements
  • Audit & review safety procedures on regular basis.
  • Demonstrate sound and pro-active safety leadership through our management and supervisors
  • Establish clear safety accountabilities for everyone in the workplace thorough education.
  • Measure and evaluate our safety performance and actively seek to improve it
  • Have a constant dialog with employees, contractors, customers, shareholders and the community on Health and Safety Issues.
  • The well being of our employees and those working with us is of primary importance. It is the responsibility of all individuals to act in a responsible manner to achieve a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Safety committee to monitor & establish safety procedures.