Door Windows Curtain Walls Designs

At Alumex, providing top-tier customer service is of highest priority; and the key factor behind our ability to achieve a consistently high customer retention rate over the last three decades.
Alumex strives to provide an ongoing support system for our customers, including -but not limited to-: pre-sales and post-sales support, technical assistance, shop drawings based on customer drawings/sketches, site visits irrespective of project location, and all other necessary support required in the selection of suitable fabricators. Alumex provides the same level of service irrespective of project size, be it an individual, government body, or large-scale contractor, fabricator, or even end-user. Our marketing and technical teams are trained to be supportive to all customers who approach us with interest in our products.

Our design team is proficient in designing solutions to suit individual requirements. As an additional service to our customers, we undertake drawings of doors, windows, curtain walls, etc., as well as the verification of customer drawings -making counter drawings according to the specifications of Alumex aluminium profiles. Our qualified and experienced team is happy to offer their expertise to benefit our valuable customers.

Customer feedback for our products are generously accepted, always resulting in prompt action. Furthermore, aluminium as a green product doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment nor on the end users, and our design team is constantly working to further implement new processes that will deliver safe products to customers.

AluSys Software System

A modern software system, AluSys was introduced to the market in 2019, with the aim of helping customers accurately design solutions with the appropriate profiles, quantities, and to the right estimates.
A retail customer who visits the Lumin center can obtain this service free of charge. However, many customers have chosen to purchase the AluSys software for themselves, acknowledging the value of the software as well as the convenience it provides for all aluminium-related projects.