Customer Die Design

Driven by energy-efficiency and the willingness to take responsibility for our planet and future generations, we forge ahead, ensuring that our innovations do not leave behind a tangible negative impact on the environment.
In keeping pace with modern designs, preferences, and evolving trends in the construction industry, our focus is always centered on introducing revolutionary products to our customers.
Alumex-owned and tested systems were launched under the brand “Alumex TS”, and together with the “AluSys” design calculation software system, we are able to offer a wide variety of options and greater ease to our customers. AluSys helps customers accurately design solutions with the appropriate profiles, quantities, and to the right estimates.
The new range of internationally accredited aluminium proprietary product ranges for domestic and commercial markets was introduced under the Alumex Building Systems (ABS) brand. The ABS range by Alumex is designed to withstand tough weather conditions, and is recommended especially for high-rise buidings – accommodating a glazing thickness up to 24 mm- comprising of unitized curtain wall systems with both structural glazing and beaded type window, door and sliding systems. Testing of the entire ABS range is carried out according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards at an independent laboratory in Dubai that is United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) accredited. The tests conducted for water penetration, air infiltration, wind pressure, acoustics and safety, have all shown extremely positive results with ABS performing well above standard.

The R&D and design divisions at Alumex continuously innovate and introduce new products, work towards enhancing product quality and performance, and also conform to new and more stringent environmental and other product quality standards set by regulators; authorities such as the Institute for Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA), the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLS), and other relevant international organizations.

Furthermore, we engage in process improvements while introducing environmentally friendly materials and mechanisms. In order to deliver at the current pace as well as for future applications, our in-house design team is committed to developing the best and most advanced designs without compromising on quality standards and properties of aluminium. New techniques for extrusion are currently being developed that will allow for thinner walls -and subsequently less weight- while still maintaining adequate overall strength. Additionally, through innovation in component manufacturing and assembly processes, Alumex hopes to further boost the many advantages of extruded Aluminium.

Die Manufacturing

We have the facility to manufacture dies & supporting tools in house. We are the only local extrusion manufacturer to possess a die manufacturing facility to serve customized requirements with speed and precision. CAD Drawing, 3D modelling and CAM programming are performed by in house experienced staff to shorten the delivery time for dies.

Our die design & manufacturing facility includes a range of CADD & CAM operated modern 5 axis CNC

Machine including wire-cut EDM machines, as well as conventional band sawing, milling machines & heat treatment furnaces. Our highly qualified team has over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and correction of extrusion dies. The experience in die manufacturing is utilized through novel designs to improve die performance in extrusion manufacturing stage.
Alumex die team has developed a new holder system with taper to spread Aluminium and eliminate the requirement Lead in Plate. New design technology reduces the friction up to die bearing by 25%. As a result of this reduction of friction the production rate can be increased by 9%. This is a significant advantage when it compared with the older technology.