Alumex Training School

Our training school conducts both in-house and offsite fabricator training courses free of charge in order to educate and propagate the use of aluminium extrusions in building construction. Training is undertaken by our well-experienced staff who are conversant with the industry requirements and standards. Our aim is to uplift the skills of the apprentices, fabricators and consultants in the building construction industry in modern methodology and to educate them in the usage of appropriate equipment, accessories, etc. so as to supply durable products to the customers.

Alumex always take extra efforts to expand our market reach by conducting fabricator training and awareness programmes. Alumex undertakes extensive training each year to increase awareness about our products and processes to end users and decision makers, including fabricators and technocrats.

Alumex training centre has become an asset, not only for Alumex, but for the country as a whole. The fabricator training centre which was established in 1998 has supported the development of the community immensely for the past 21 years. This state-of-the-art training center has been established at the Alumex factory premises in Sapugaskanda to train fabricators and technocrats. This training school has become an alma mater for most of the fabricators, technocrats, trainers of the training centers as well as many government officers. Some of the programmes conducted by the training school can be classified as below.

Technical Colleges
In order to develop educational capacities and self-employment opportunity for school leavers, Alumex has engaged with the Government Technical Colleges island-wide and provided them course materials to develop skilled fabrication technicians while improving quality of life. In addition to this, we contribute towards knowledge and skill improvements of lecturers at Government Technical Colleges

Government Institutions
Colombo municipal council, Government factory authority, CIDA, National Institute of Education, Industrial Development Board, SL Army, SL Navy, Technical colleges are some of the institutions that have been benefitted by the Alumex training school during the financial year under review. We contribute towards knowledge and skill development of technical staff of Government Institutions that make a substantial contribution to the Sri Lankan construction industry. Alumex conducts in-house and external training programmes on proper use of Aluminium profiles for window, door and façade systems fabrication.

Dealers & Fabricators Training
In order to ensure that the dealers and fabricators are competent in handling Aluminium profiles, particularly new Aluminium -based systems, Alumex conducts advanced system design introduction programmes, for fabricators of the Alumex dealers. Practical training is conducted island wide with dealer collaboration.
Professional and Private Institutions
Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau and the Department of Buildings are some institutes that were trained by Alumex during the financial year. Alumex conducts external and in-house training programmes for professionals in new advanced systems and related fabrication techniques with the support of new, high quality accessories. These programmes aim to educate construction industry professionals on the many different applications of Aluminium profiles and quality differences compared to competitor and substitute products.

VTA Training
Alumex has partnered with the Vocational Training Authority (VTA) to provide training in Aluminium fabrication. The scope of training activity includes train the trainer programmes, lectures and practical trainings for trainees, supervision of VTA training centres and providing course materials.

NVQ Certification
We arranged the training centre free of charge on behalf of training institutes that have no resources to conduct exams and assess students for such certificates. Alumex facilitates skilled fabrication technician’s applicants to obtain NVQ certification by facilitating their fabricating skills. Fabricators and all testing materials associated with the assessments are provided by Alumex free of charge. obtain NVQ certification. Therefore, the free of charge facilities provided by Alumex to was used to conduct three programs to assess technicians. All programs mentioned above are conducted by well-trained Company staff. During the programme, Alumex provides training materials, courses materials, meals and refreshments to participants, in addition to free training. After completion of training, Alumex issues a certificate which is recognized by Sri Lanka’s engineering community. Over the past few years, we have trained more than 18,000 fabricators and technocrats.